What’s so good about Rainbow Blinds?

What’s so good about Rainbow Blinds?

When summer sets in, we try out different tactics and methods to shield from the scorching heat. At such times, we prefer a cool house. Luckily, there is a way to achieve that, and it is simply by blocking the harmful UV sun rays that creep into the house to generate heat. Aside from keeping your home cool, blocking the sun’s heat saves you on energy bills. So how do you do that? Consider using rainbow blinds Singapore, as they offer that property, you can reliably block sunlight from entering any room using these blinds.

So what are Rainbow Blinds?

Rainbow blinds are made with two layers of material, while the traditional blinds are single layered. The layers are made of polyester and perforated material, together with a pulley string for controlling the blind. You can pull the blinds up or down the blinds using the pulley string system as you wish. Rainbow blinds are incomparable to the traditional blinds when it comes to functionality.

What Type of Blinds Work Best

Singaporeans are amazing as they adapt fast. Lately, they have come to prefer rainbow blinds over all other blinds available in the market. Reason being, these are helpful and amazingly different from the traditional blinds. You must have noticed the prominence of rainbow blinds in almost every household if you’ve been around for long in this country. Ideally, rainbow blinds exist under various names, which include Combi Blinds, Shadow Blinds, Zebra Blinds and Korean Blinds. Generally, they are unique and come in special design. Read on if you are considering having these blinds at your home soon.

Do Rainbow blind protect the room from sunlight?

The good thing with this blind is that it gives you total control on the fabrics. You can adjust the layers comfortably by pulling the strings to close up the gap between the two fabrics. Privacy is very vital, thus, the perforated layer allows some slightly visible light to come in while at the same time upholding your privacy. If you want to obstruct sun rays from creeping in to heat up your room, you can always adjust the blinds by having the perforated areas totally covered. The good part is the design allows you to control the amount of sunlight to enter into your room; you even choose to block out all sunlight.

Places you can use these blinds

Rainbow blinds can be installed in many places. You can use them in your office, commercial spaces or home. However, the colors you select for your home or office should be different as it is important to match them with their interior look.

The good thing is there are various websites where you can purchase your window blinds onlineSimply ensure that the online store is quality oriented, reliable and credible because if the fabric turns out to be of low quality it may not function as well.

What makes rainbow blinds the best option?

With plenty of options available in the market, rainbow blinds are undoubtedly the best because of many reasons. They are flexible, where you can comfortably adjust it to your needs anytime depending on the weather. If you require some lights from the sun to illuminate the house all you do is leave it the way it is and the perforated part of the blind will let in the sunlight. Otherwise, if you want to block sun heat because it scorches, the string gives you the option. You can adjust the fabrics to conceal all the spaces.

It’s also worth noting that good quality rainbow blinds may cost an extra dime but they are very durable.