What Type of Blinds Are in Style?

What Type of Blinds Are in Style?

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A whole range of blinds are currently in style, depending on your home’s interior design and intended usage of the blind. This includes the likes of vertical blinds, roller blinds, venetian blinds and shades. Unsure which to choose or what they are? Then you are in luck! This article has been written to provide you with a beginner friendly introduction to the different blinds that homeowners are currently clamoring for.

The Importance of Blinds

Window decoration has both functional and visual aesthetic benefits for your home. One option for window decoration is to pair your windows with blinds. Blinds are an excellent choice for smaller spaces, minimalistic interior designs and where bulky objects are placed under your window.
In comparison to curtains, blinds occupy less space physically while also limiting itself to a complimentary role in terms of visual composition. Unlike curtains, they are unlikely to ever steal the focus of the room, and thus offer relatively more functional value.
The functional value of a curtain steams primarily from its ability to limit incoming sunlight and thus grant privacy to the occupants of the room. Depending on the type of blinds chosen, users may be able to vary the amount of incoming sunlight and privacy afforded by the blinds.
Additionally, in a tropical country like Singapore, blinds trap minimal heat in a room. This makes their usage much more welcomed and prevents a space from becoming overly stuffy.

Types of Blinds

When discussing the different types of blinds, it is important to first distinguish that they can vary in terms of material and mechanics. As such, various combinations between these two factors, granting you great flexibility in choosing the ideal complement for your window.

Blinds Materials

Blinds typically come in one of the following materials: • Fabric • Aluminum • Wood Each of these materials have different functional effects and can also have varying impacts on your room’s interior design.
Among the three materials, fabric offers the greatest amount of versatility and choice. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, varying amounts of sunlight can be blocked. Additionally, fabrics can have patterns or designs to give your space a stylistic feel. However, fabrics also require the most maintenance as they are prime for trapping dust and dirt. As such, regular wipe downs and vacuuming will be needed to keep your window area clean.
Aluminum on the other hand is a harder and more durable material. When let down, aluminum blinds can block out more sunlight. Meanwhile, it provides a corporate and professional feel that certain fabrics may lack. Ease of maintenance and cleaning is also another plus point that aluminum blinds enjoy.
Thirdly, wood is an interesting material to play with when it comes to blinds. Wood gives a natural feel that fits many minimalistic or Zen inspired interior designs. It combines some of the key advantages from the past two materials, being both largely opaque while remaining breathable. As such, you get to enjoy privacy and a cool environment.


Shades are a type of blind that is made of thin materials. They typically do not block out all sunlight, instead they only partially prevent sunlight from coming in. Shades are preferred in study rooms where some sunlight during the day is welcomed. Moreover, with a partially opaque fabric, shades do add a touch of elegance to your space. If this is a look & effect that you are keen on having for your space, then sheer shades may just do the trick for you.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are characterized by their rolling mechanism. A simple thug or pull on either end of a cord allows you to control how much of the blinds to be let down. When not in used, the blinds are stored in a space above the windows. Roller blinds are wanted for their simplicity and adjustability in terms of height. Additionally, it is worth noting that the mechanism has no bearing on the material or design. As such, depending on your choices for the other components, your roller blinds may end up looking vastly different from someone else’s roller blinds.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds generally use soft fabrics, giving the space a formal appearance. While roman blinds also use a pulley system of sorts, it differs from roller blinds lies in that the fabric is split up into large horizontal pleats. Two results emerge from this change. Firstly, when folded up, the fabric becomes layered, thus giving the blinds a greater volume in its appearance. Secondly, since proportions of each part of the blinds are fixed, you do loose some control over the exact length of the blinds that you wish to have during each part of the day.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have been made famous by Hollywood films. Made typically of wood, metal or plastic, venetian blinds offer two different mechanisms for you to play with. Other than raising or lower the blinds via a pulley system, the angle of the blinds can altered as well. This allows you greater control over both incoming sunlight and privacy for your room.

Vertical Blinds

Blinds can not only be paired with windows, they too can be paired with sliding doors. If your home features large transparent sliding doors that lead to your garden or balcony, then consider using vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are capable of covering the height of your sliding door, thereby offering your room privacy and shelter from glaring sun. This last benefit is particularly important during the mid-morning or mid-afternoon whereby the sun may be shining in directly into your home.

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