Are Rainbow Blinds The Best Option For My Home?

Are Rainbow Blinds The Best Option For My Home?

rainbow blinds with light
Rainbow blinds are an excellent window furnishing for your home, although possibly not for the reasons that first come to mind. Why do we recommend this exciting sounding set of blinds for your home? If you are unsure of what exactly rainbow blinds are, then this article is for you. In it, we will be giving you a comprehensive introduction to rainbow blinds.

What are Rainbow Blinds?

Mention rainbow blinds and you would likely picture a set of multi-coloured blinds that follow the colours of the rainbow. While it is indeed possible to have a rainbow coloured set of rainbow blinds, this is not what defines it. Rather, this set of blinds gets its name from the function it provides.
Most other types of blinds such as venetian, roller and roman blinds have only 1 layer of fabric or material. In contrast, rainbow blinds feature 2 layers of material, commonly 1 that is polyester and another that is perforated. By having these 2 layers, the rainbow blinds functions as follows: • The perforated layer allows sunlight to enter the room through its punctured surface • The polyester layer blocks out more sunlight

Controlling the Amount of Light Entering

The usage of both perforated and polyester layers enables rainbow blinds to control the amount of light filtering into a space. This control affords you the ability to create the right ambiance for your room at any time of the day. For example, if you are seeking a soft atmosphere, you can adjust the blinds to block out more sunlight.
Another bonus of this function is that it allows you to maintain the temperature of the room. With less light entering the space, your room will not be heating up excessively. This is especially beneficial in a tropical climate that Singapore has, with the weather being both sunny and hot through most of the year.

Making Your Space Vibrant

By selecting complimentary colours, your blinds will introduce vibrant coloured rays into your space during the day. This can be highly therapeutic for you and your family, while also being highly entertaining for guests.
In fact, colour theory informs us that colours can have a huge impact on the mood and thoughts of people. For example, using blue coloured rainbow curtains would inspire calm and serenity while yellow coloured layers would put a cheery mood into place.
You should also take into consideration the current interior design and theme of your space. Ideally, your rainbow curtains should complement the current design and help to boost the overall aesthetics of the space.

Options You have when choosing a set of Rainbow Blinds

As covered earlier, you will have the options of choosing the colours and materials when creating a set of rainbow blinds for your home. Yet, further customisation or choices can be made with a professional blinds supplier Singapore service.
Rainbow blinds can be produced either vertically or horizontally.

Introducing Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are typically used to accompany sliding, patio doors and full-length windows. Their long vertical heights allow them to cover these taller surfaces.
Additionally, vertical blinds are at their best when paired with windows that face either the east or west direction. Since vertical blinds offer more control with the direction of light rays entering your room, it would be more effective against the glaring sun rays when the sun is setting or rising.

Introducing Horizontal Blinds

On the other hand, horizontal blinds are typically chosen to pair with small or narrower windows since they open “up and down”. Unlike vertical blinds, horizontal blinds are most effective when they are not required to control higher amounts of sunlight. As such, they should be used if your windows are facing north or south directions.
Additionally, it should be noted that the design of horizontal blinds prevents them from trapping excess heat. As covered before, this can be a highly valuable trait in tropical country like Singapore.

Why Choose Rainbow Blinds

As covered in the various benefits that rainbow blinds afford homeowners, we often choose rainbow blinds due to the flexibility and design that it offers. More so than most other types of blinds, you get to strike a balance between choosing the amount of entering sun light rays as well as the resultant aesthetics.

Advice on Choosing Rainbow Blinds

For many homeowners, colour combinations and the amount of inbound light control are among their chief concerns when selecting rainbow blinds. There is cause for concern if you select the wrong set as it may crash with the existing interior design or set up the wrong ambiance within the space. As such, it is advisable that you find a reputable curtains and blinds supplier to advise you.

Getting Made-to-Measure Rainbow Blinds

Rainbow blinds at its core is a customised and personalised furnishing. Ranging from the colours to the materials, from the orientation to its size, you would almost always want to get made to measure services for it. This would allow you to get the exact right fit and effect from installing the rainbow blinds.
For this to happen, you would need to approach a curtains and blinds specialist who can then advise you on complimentary styles for your home. Additionally, precise measurements of your window and the surrounding area can be taken to ensure a smooth installation of the blinds.

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