How Effective Are Soundproof Curtains?

How Effective Are Soundproof Curtains?

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When we are at home, many of us value privacy and quiet. Even when we do not want our homes to be quiet, we do not want to hear noise from outside such as construction. In order to solve this, soundproof curtain Singapore products have gained popularity as a viable option in affording us this added privacy.
However, how effective are soundproof curtains really? In this blog, we find out more about soundproof curtains and their effectiveness.

What Are Soundproof Curtains?

Soundproof curtains are a fast, affordable and effective soundproofing solution. They are curtains that ensure your room is well insulated from sound transfer.

How Do Soundproof Curtains Work?

Soundproof curtains do not look that much different from regular curtains. However, they are made from layers of denser and heavier materials. These heavy materials provide maximum absorption of sound.
Fabrics commonly used for soundproof curtains include: velvet, satin, and polyester. These fabrics help to reduce low frequency sounds such as bass, thus reducing the overall amount of noise transfer.
Furthermore, these materials have a porous nature causing mini pockets of air to be trapped within it. As such, sound energy is converted to heat energy, thereby allowing sound to be absorbed.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Soundproof Curtains?

As mentioned earlier, soundproof curtains are usually thick and heavy. They are designed to block out both light and sound. However, if you require natural light in your space, soundproof curtains might not be the best idea.
On the other hand, soundproof curtains are relatively easy to install compared to other sound insulation systems. Another benefit of soundproof curtains is that they provide thermal insulation. If you are keen on reducing the fluctuations in temperature in a space, soundproof curtains are a highly underrated option.

Do They Really Work?

Soundproof curtains can effectively reduce noise and echo. However, they do not completely cancel out noise.
The effectiveness of a soundproof curtain also depends on the material used and how it is installed. For maximum effectiveness, a soundproof curtain should go from ceiling to floor and cover beyond a few inches of the window.
There is a common misconception that soundproof curtains can make a room completely silent. However, soundproof curtains are only meant to reduce the amount of noise in a space.
So the answer is yes, soundproof curtains work at reducing sound. If your aim is to make your room completely silent, then soundproof curtains might not be the solution you are looking for. Instead, it could be a complement to other soundproofing methods such as installing padded walls.

How To Choose A Soundproof Curtain

Size Of Soundproof Curtain

When buying a curtain, we often choose the size based on the size of our window. Naturally, when buying soundproof curtains, we should do the same. To achieve effective sound insulation using soundproof curtains, the soundproof curtain should be several inches bigger than the window.
When a curtain bigger than the curtain folds, it creates seals on the sides of the window, providing maximum sound insulation. It is better if the soundproof curtain is long enough to reach from floor to ceiling.

Weight Of Curtains

Soundproof curtains are usually made of heavyweight and dense materials. As a result, soundproof curtains are not only large but also heavy. It is best to ensure that each soundproof curtain is not more than 1kg for safety reasons.
When hanging soundproof curtains, ensure that the curtain rail or pole you use is secured in place and has no chance of falling off. As soundproof curtains are usually hung up quite high, it is important to ensure that they will not fall. A large curtain pole falling from a high height is a safety hazard.
Finally, it is also important that your curtain pole can withstand the weight of your heavy soundproof curtains.

Material of the Soundproof Curtain

As mentioned earlier, soundproof curtains are usually made of dense materials.
These materials are usually used because of their thickness that traps pockets of air, which helps to absorb sound. One example of a dense material used in soundproof curtains is velvet.
Velvet for soundproof curtains has a unique weave method called pile weave structure. Tiny loops of velvet are woven in a single direction which helps to trap air between these loops for better sound absorption and blocking.
Aside from being good at trapping air, velvet is a popular choice of material for soundproof curtains because it has a soft and silky feel.
Another popular material for soundproofing is called Kilo Serge. Kilo Serge is also known as Kilo Wool Serge and is commonly used in recording studios and theatres.
It is made out of several dense layers of wool that traps air and absorbs sound easily. They typically come in solid dark colours and are suitable to be used as curtain lining for other curtains in homes.

Why Choose Soundproofing Curtains?

Other methods of soundproofing such as installing acoustic panels, padded walls, soundproof windows, need to be professionally installed, and can be costly. Soundproofing curtains cost a fraction of these other solutions.
Furthermore, the cost of installation of soundproof curtains is also much lower. As such, instead of spending copious amounts of money, soundproof curtains are a more viable and affordable option.
The benefits of soundproof curtains go beyond simply reducing noise from entering your home. They can also improve the acoustics of your home and help to create a cosy atmosphere.

Get A Soundproof Curtain

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