Should I get a made to measure curtain for my home?

Should I get a made to measure curtain for my home?

Should I get a made to measure curtain for my home?


Curtains are more than just decorative pieces of interior furnishings. They have the dual feature of being functional and stylish. However, what happens when your curtain store does not have the colour or design that you desire? Or what if you have found your ideal curtain but it is not in the right size?

When choosing curtains for your living space, you should never settle for ready-made curtains that are not according to your window’s specifications or your preferences. If such a scenario happens to you, then you should opt for the decision to get custom, or made to measure curtains.

As the name suggests, made to measure curtains differ from ready made curtains because they are made specifically to cater to the client’s specifications. This applies to choosing the right colour, fabric, design, size, etc.

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why getting a made to measure curtain from a curtains supplier has its advantages:

When you choose to get your curtains custom-made, you are not limited to the choice of curtains that are on display. You can personalise your curtain by combining different elements like colour, fabric, and trim to create your design.

Tailored to fit your window
You will not have to worry about whether your curtain is too short or if it is sweeping the floor. When you order a made to measure curtain, a professional will measure your window so that the exact-sized curtain can be made.

Quality over cost
With made to measure curtains, there is always the concern that the cost of customising is more than purchasing a ready-made curtain. However, the value of a made to measure curtain means that every detail is sewn in with care and attention. The quality of a made to measure curtain enables it to last for a long time.

Installed by a professional
Besides measuring your window, your curtain specialist will also help to install the curtain in your home so that it fits perfectly and safely at your window.


Getting a made to measure curtain can be an investment in the long run. Due to its exact measurement, you will not have to worry about constantly changing or buying new ones. And you also get the satisfaction of attaining a curtain that is uniquely one-of-a-kind.