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No two windows are the same, be it their dimensions, the amount of light entering, or the interior décor. This makes it difficult for you to find an off-the-shelf curtain that perfectly meets the needs of your room. It is here that the value of expertly crafted custom curtains from Re Design Deco shines through.

With Re Design Deco, you can achieve a truly unique and functional window treatment solution. Our team will help you find the perfect curtain fabric and style to complement your existing décor, while also considering light control and privacy needs. In addition to offering a wide range of fabrics and styles, Re Design Deco also provides expert advice on measurement and installation, ensuring a perfect fit for your windows. So, for custom curtains that are both beautiful and functional, look no further than Re Design Deco.

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To have a custom set of curtains made, you should consider the following factors:

  • The dimensions of your window
  • The space surrounding your window
  • Amount of light entering your space
  • Desired outcomes for the curtain
  • Interior decor of your space
  • Curtain fabric materials that you are interested in
  • Curtain rod materials that you are interested in
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Light Control

Curtains offer you control of the amount of light entering your space. Fine tune how much light shines in, avoid harsh direct sunlight or dim lit spaces. With fabric materials offering light filtering or blockout, you can rest assure that you will get the space you wish for.

Noise Control

Acoustics is a highly underrated aspect of curtains. Be it trapping sound generated from your musical instrument or keeping loud construction noise out from your space, a correctly selected set of curtains could do the trick.

Privacy Control

Windows are an essential part of any space, giving you much needed ventilation and a view out of your room. Yet, without curtains, it allows people to directly look into your space. As such, to have privacy at times, you can have the right set of curtains installed to control the level of privacy granted.

Aesthetic Control

Curtains can have a big impact on the appearance of your space. When chosen correctly, they might enlarge your space or make it appear more cozy. Moreover, when matched to the interior decor, your space will look that much more pleasing.

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As one of the leading curtains Supplier in Singapore, we understands the transformative power of curtains. A well-chosen curtain from Redesign Deco can completely redefine a space, injecting vibrant personality or creating a calming, cozy haven. We offer a wide range of curtains designed for different aesthetic functionalities. From light and airy sheers that soften harsh sunlight to luxurious velvet drapes that add a touch of drama, Re Design Deco’s selection caters to every taste.

But functionality goes beyond aesthetics at Re Design Deco. We also have blackout curtains that ensure a perfect night’s sleep, dimout curtains that provide privacy while filtering in natural light, and thermal curtains that help regulate room temperature. as a trusted leading curtains supplier in Singapore, you can find curtains that perfectly complement your style and enhance the comfort of your space.

Curtains for Room

Curtains Track

Whether it is the extra privacy that you need or just the additional touch of quality fabric to enhance the overall design of your space, curtains track is the way to go. Choose from a range of fabrics to meet your design wants.

Floral Translucent Curtain for Living Room

Drapes curtain

Take control of the amount of light entering your room when you install a custom drapes curtain for your room. Add that touch of class and elegance to your space when you choose a fabric to suit your room.

White Curtains

Blackout curtains

With this type of curtain, you do not need to worry about being disturbed by sunlight or even the moonlight that enters your room. Blackout curtains are great for reducing noise into your room as well. In addition, it has the ability to reflect heat out of your room, thereby reducing energy cost. Get the optimal rest and comfort especially if you need to rest during the day.

Dimout Curtains

Dimout curtains

In contrary to blackout curtains, dimout curtains help to block out 70% to 90% of the sunlight depending on the type chosen. They too are effective for providing privacy as well as adding a tranquil and cosy touch to your room. They are easy to preserve and are light in weight.