How Do Curtains Help Soundproof Your House

How Do Curtains Help Soundproof Your House

How Do Curtains Help Soundproof Your House

Curtains serve multiple purposes in your house, ranging from aesthetic complements to blocking the glaring sunlight, and even soundproofing. While not intuitive, the strategic placement of curtains combined with their materials make for excellent obstacles to sound waves. As such, soundproof curtains Singapore help to keep unwanted noise from entering the residential houses.

  1. Heavy Blackout Curtains

At the top of our list are heavy blackout curtains. Due to their thickness, both sound and sunlight are effectively blocked out, making them ideal for bedrooms. As a general rule of thumb, curtain materials that are twice as heavy lead to three times better noise reduction.

  1. Choose Pleated Curtains.

Another option available for you is to go for drapes that are pleated. Pleats increase the thickness of the curtain while also creating ‘wedges’ which cause sound to bounce off. In addition pleats improve the aesthetics of your house’s interior.

  1. Go for Long Draperies.

The length of the curtains will also affect its ability to block sound waves. It is recommended to place your curtain rail slightly higher than the top edge of the window. Thereafter, the curtain should extend to well below the lower edge of your window.

  1. Suede and Velvet

Suede and Velvet are two of the best materials at absorbing sound due to their natural heaviness. When combined with pleats, sound is bounced and reflected along the curtain without entering into the house.

  1. Conduct research.

Many curtain supplier Singapore offer curtains that are perfect for soundproofing houses. Your goal is to find the best among these firms. An excellent way to do this is to start researching about them. Read the reviews or comments available on their websites. You can also check other blogs that have details on how they provide their services or how good the products are. Be informed before buying curtains.