Curtains or Blinds? Which is best for my room?

Curtains or Blinds? Which is best for my room?


Curtains and blinds may seem as the same thing because both of them are often placed on the window. In fact, to some extent, you can use either of them to modify your room temperature and control energy consumption. However, between the two, which has the scope to boost the individual area of your home? Well, it is only possible to know that by first outlining their nature and the material they are made of. Therefore, read on to find out more.


Curtains are fabric panels that often come in pairs. They vary in color, fabric, width, length and patterns; some of them can even be custom curtains. Curtains are also versatile as they can be used in different home places including the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Some people use short sheered curtains to cover the bottom space of a window over a kitchen sink; in that case, the fabrics are called cafe curtains. In bathrooms, you can use them as window treatments and so forth.


Blinds are made of bamboo, wood, vinyl slates or louvers and aluminum, unlike curtains that are made of solid fabric. Nonetheless, both curtains and blinds operate with a cord or lifting mechanism, as shades do. Blinds are also mounted on windows and are often good for privacy purposes.

Now for us to establish what will work best for your rooms, let us analyze the places where both curtains and blinds can be mounted on and the benefits they offer.

Lounge and Living area

Curtains are well loved for home decoration especially that there is a great variety of designs to choose from. But increasingly, more and more consumers are demanding for more privacy in their homes, thus, blinds have gained its popularity. In addition, with blinds, you can control the amount of light and it is highly customizable. Blinds nowadays are equally as beautiful and they can go well with your interior.

If you are the type that wants a range of styles and fabrics, curtains are the best way to go. They are a good choice for living areas and lounge and matching decor because you can dress them up with a heading or padded pelmets.

Blinds on the other hand give a classic and stylish look. The Roman Blind is a good example, which looks chic and a transformative to a living room. Wider blinds will also work wonders on living areas and open plan lounge. If convenience is a great deal to you, think of motorized blinds that allow you to control the amount of light getting into your house right from the comfort of your seat.


For bedrooms and lounge, curtains have always been the most prominent option. Nonetheless, the use of blinds is becoming popular with each daybreak. Roman Blinds mounted a few inches under the ceiling will create an illusion that the room is brighter and huge. For shift workers, or people that enjoy a dark room during the day to sleep or watch movies you have the option of choosing a blackout roller blind.


A kitchen has its own demands when it comes to window dressing, whatever you choose to install on the spaces needs to look great, be able to control sunlight and maintain the required privacy. The good thing with opting for blinds is that they are easier which you should consider especially if you cook often. Aluminium Venetian Blinds have the ability to match the existing decor while the Timber Venetian Blinds will bring in a sense of natural warmth to your home.

To be on point regarding what is best, check with our experts who will be able to educate you about the different types of window blinds and curtains and their functionalities.