Consider these factors before you buy a curtain for your home

Consider these factors before you buy a curtain for your home

With several curtain designs that flood the market in Singapore, one must really take time to consider which would be the perfect fit for his or her home. Consequently, this article seeks to help our readers to identify key factors of consideration without feeling overwhelmed. Here are the few key considerations that we advise one to consider before actually making the purchase.


Before you actually go through the shopping experience, it is important you already are well versed with your home’s interior. This will help you to shortlist down the type of coloured curtain that will go well with your furnishings and home interior. Note that the curtain are not meant to stand out from the rest of your furnishings, but it is meant to either blend in well with the surrounding or it should help to amplify your overall interior look and create the same vibe.

Fabric Material

Your curtain’s fabric material is crucial in helping to achieve the overall look desired. Once you have gotten the colour right, the fabric is one of the most important contributing factor to the overall look of your curtain. Even if your design is fixed, the curtain’s fabric can make all the difference in maintaining a sophisticated look rather than a cheap look.

Note that if your curtain is constantly exposed to sunlight, the look of the curtain might change. Thus, it could be wise to choose darker curtain colours since bright coloured curtains tend to fade quicker.

Also, remember to also take note if your curtain is washing machine friendly or if it can only go through dry cleaning without being spoilt.


After you have measured and decide how long you want your curtain to be, consider these simple tricks: to achieve a nice traditional look, you would want your curtain to be a little longer in order for its ends to lay nicely down on your flooring. The second trick is to cater for those extra inches around the sides of your windows so that you can be sure to block out the extra sunlight shimmering through your curtains.


One of the key deciding factors for many buyers would be the price. It is important to have a budget in mind, however, also think about the quality difference between different curtains and ask yourself if you are willing to spend a little more for a better quality curtain.

Custom or Off-The-Shelf

Lastly, after deciding on your budget, you can start to decide if you would want to spend on off-the-shelf curtains or just get a professional to assist you throughout the way. A professional can help to do the measuring for you and they will be able to provide their consultative advice for your home. Getting a custom curtain provider means that you do not have to worry about if your curtain will not fit perfectly with your home.