Choosing the right window blinds

Choosing the right window blinds

rendering with open blinds letting sunlight into living room
rendering with open blinds letting sunlight into living room

Window blinds are a highly underrated element in any space, playing both functional and aesthetic roles. Often times, window blinds go unnoticed and unappreciated, that is till they are no longer in the space. Given the lack of attention that window blinds receive, most home or office owners do not know what to look out for.

Furthermore, the market is filled with beautiful designs and different types of blinds to choose from. For first time consumers, seeing the different terms, materials and commonly asked questions can be confusing. To aid you, we have written this article to cover the types of windows blinds on the market and the factors you should consider.

Types of Window Blinds

Generally speaking, there are 5 types of blinds that are commonly used in households and offices. These include roller blinds, roman blinds, venetian blinds, shades and vertical blinds.

Roller Blinds

closing windows with white blinds covering for privacy

The most frequently seen type of blinds are roller blinds. Characterised by a rolling mechanisms that allows you to simply thug on a cord in order to unroll the blinds. Subsequently, when the blinds are not in used, the cord can be thug in the opposite direction in order to compact the blinds and store them.

Roller blinds are frequently in demand due to their simplicity and versatility. Depending on the height of your windows or the angle of incoming sunlight, the height of your roller blinds can be adjusted correspondingly.

The roller system is also compatible with a variety of different materials or designs. This leads to many different applications of roller blinds. In two different spaces, roller blinds could end up appearing completely unalike.

Roman Blinds

brown roman blinds covering all sides of living room

Roman blinds have a distinctive appearance with a formal outlook. In some sense similar to that of curtains, roman blinds have layered fabrics in order to give it depth. This is achieved through the inclusion of large horizontal pleats that hold up the soft fabrics.

Similar to roller blinds, roman blinds also utilise a pulley system. When the cord is thug at, the blinds unfold themselves pleat by pleat. As such, the length of the blinds increases by a predefined amount at each level. The dropping down of each pleat is aesthetically pleasing but does constraint the amount of control over the length of the blinds you can have.

The formal and elegance appearance of the roman blinds comes from its layered fabrics and drop-down sequence. With this in mind, they typically work best when placed in larger spaces. When done right, they do make the space appear more intimate.

Venetian Blinds

custom made blinds for both elegant bathroom space

Unlike other types of blinds, venetian blinds are typically not made from fabrics but rather materials such as wood, metal or plastic. This gives a very different look and feel to your space. More importantly, venetian blinds give you two different mechanisms to control your blinds.

The first mechanism allows you to raise or lower the blinds as per usual, not unlike roller blinds. On the other hand, the second mechanism gives you control over the angle of the blinds as well. This helps to control the degree of incoming sunlight as well as the amount of privacy you have without blocking out the entire area.

Since the blinds are non-fabrics, venetian blinds do tend to be easier to clean and maintain. Typically, they only require routine dusting and wipe downs.

Vertical Blinds

white vertical blinds in living room of apartment

Have you ever stepped into a meeting room or a home with full length windows and sliding doors? Did you notice that rather than full length curtains, there was full length blinds which are vertical in shape? These are known as vertical blinds, which are used in much the same way that full length curtains are. They help to control the amount of day light that streams into your space through large transparent mediums.

Furthermore, rather than shrinking a space, vertical blinds would help to give a more simplistic and sleek appearance. Using the same cord mechanic, the vertical blinds could be just adjusted to cover more or less of the window or door.


Shades are considered to be a type of blinds and are known for being only semi-opaque. Being made of thinner materials, shades do not completely block out sunlight and thus are preferred in spaces where the users require a fair amount of light for the activities.

Moreover, the partial filtering of light creates a gentle glow in the space. This is desired by many space owners as a fairly like atmosphere is created.

Considerations when Choosing Window Blinds

Your Desired Materials

The materials of your blinds will make a huge impact on their appearance in any space. Be it fabric, metal, plastic or wood, you would need to choose a set of blinds which materials match your interior design.

Generally speaking, fabric offers you the greatest amount of choice since it can be made in different designs and colours. Furthermore, they are the easiest to pair with surrounding elements within your space. However, fabrics do trap dust and dirt, hence they do require more consistent upkeep and maintenance.

On the other hand, the other types of materials do tend to be more durable and block out more incoming light. Additionally, they offer a more defined shape to your space which would be a boon in certain environments.

window blinds Singapore installation for office room

Your Purpose or Need for the Blinds

Not every space owner’s needs or use of blinds is the same. Here are some factors to consider for your own space:

  • Angle of incoming sunlight throughout the day
  • Types of activities that are held within the space
  • Existing interior design style of the space
  • Amount of privacy you wish to have
  • Length of windows or sliding doors that you wish to cover

These factors will affect your choice of type of blinds, size, materials, colours and materials. All in all, there is no definite answer for your space. Much of it comes down to the combination of factors at play and your personal preferences. Rest assure though that with custom made blinds, you will be able to get a set that is just right for your space.

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