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A set of window blinds is often the most underrated aspect of any space. Being a silent worker of sorts, blinds are hardly ever noticed yet diligently perform their function while complementing your interior decor. Here at ReDesign Deco, we offer several different types of blinds and can customise a set for you.

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No two windows are the same, be it their dimensions, the amount of light entering or the interior décor. This makes it difficult for you to find an off the shelf curtain that perfectly meets the need of your room. It is here that the value of expertly crafted custom blinds shines through. Whatever your tastes are, the properties of your space, we can custom make the perfect set of blinds for you.

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To have a custom set of blinds made, you should consider the following factors:

  • The dimensions of your window
  • The space surrounding your window
  • Amount of light entering your space
  • Desired outcomes for the blinds
  • Interior decor of your space
  • Blinds fabric materials that you are interested in
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Controls the Light That Enters Your Home

When you use blinds, you have more control on the amount of light coming into your home by adjusting them according to your needs. For instance, there are blinds that have slats and can be closed tightly to prevent light from entering your room. If you are in the night shift and do not want any light coming in, window blinds are perfect for you.

Comes in Various Designs

Blinds are available in different styles and colors, so the possibilities are endless. You will not have a hard time decorating your room or home because you can choose from vertical blinds, panel blinds, window roller blinds, rainbow vertical blinds, and even roman blinds. They fit on all types of windows and goes well with any decoration or paint color.

Complete Privacy

With window blinds, you get maximum privacy that you not may get from shades or curtains. They also keep your family safe and secure from strangers who want to know what you are doing. For more ultimate privacy, we recommend the wooden, panel, or top-down blinds. They can get light into your home while still enjoying as much privacy as you need.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Blinds are very convenient to use because they are easy to maintain and clean. Almost all of our blinds simply require a quick wipe with a damp cloth, a simple wash or just a brush to remove dirt. Compare this with curtains, where you have to remove the whole thing and wash them a few times. Apart from easy cleaning, blinds last a long time, so you do not have to replace them unless you decide to redecorate your home.

Saves Energy

When you want to lower you electricity expenses, it is better to cover your windows with blinds. Even if you do not turn on the lights, the sunlight will make your surroundings bright and give your area a natural look. If you do not want too much light coming in, you can use the blinds as a way to reduce screen glares.