Blinds or Curtains for my home?

Blinds or Curtains for my home?

Decorating your home can be both a fun and yet daunting task. When you start to shop for items that will help to decorate your home, there are actually many things that you can work with. In this article, we will help to address the dilemma between choosing custom window blinds or curtains to suit your home.

Installing blinds on your window will make your living room look more beautiful. However, hanging curtains on the same window will also give a similar effect. The question now is: which should you pick between the two?

Appearance & Overall Feel

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is appearance. You must be able to imagine how one particular décor or item can add to the look of your house. Think of the color and size.

If your house has many antique furniture and overall has a vintage look, then choosing curtains may be a more suitable choice. However, if you are going for more of the modern style, then blinds would be just right.

Installation Procedure

The next thing to look into is the convenience of installing the curtain or blinds on your place. If you want something easy, then go for the curtains. All you need to do is to find a rod, place the curtains on it and hang it on the window. Everything is smooth and fast. On the other hand, the installation of the window blinds can be quite complicated. This is usually the case for the blinds that you buy on department stores or high end malls. However, for the cheap blinds, installation can be easy.


Next is the functionality of the item that you would get. Think of the reason why you want to buy the decoration. Do you want to control the light that gets in your house? Do you want to increase the privacy of your living room? If your goal here is to simply decorate the house, then get a sheer curtain from a  curtain store Singapore. There are many beautiful designs you can choose from. If you want to increase the privacy of your room, all you have to do is to buy curtains that are of a thicker material. However, if you simply want to add elegance on your room, then blinds can be the right décor for you.

Maintenance Cost

The most important factor to consider is the maintenance cost of these two items. The fact is that window blinds are easier to maintain compared to curtains. They need to be cleaned on a regular basis but the process is not really difficult. But when it comes to curtains, these things require constant maintenance, and don’t be surprise if you have to wash it at least four to six times in a year. That also means that you have to re-install it again and again.

The choice is really up to you. Just consider these factors so that you can make the right choice for your home.