Blinds or Curtains for my home?

Blinds or Curtains for my home?

Blinds or Curtains for my home
Blinds or Curtains for my home

Window furnishings are a quintessential part of your home, providing both vital function-based benefits and an appealing aesthetic when chosen correctly. This makes them a high priority when selecting furnishings within a space. When you are shopping for window furnishings, you have a choice to make between curtains and blinds. Which then should you choose?

Both curtains and blinds have numerous sub-categories, allowing you to achieve similar outcomes from each. Nonetheless, they do tend to have certain traits that can be used to differentiate them and allow you to choose the right window furnishing for your space.

What to look out for in your Window Furnishings

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Before you compare curtains and blinds, it is important that you first identify the exact uses or benefits that window furnishings bring to your space. Based on these traits, you can then make a clear and holistic comparison between the two.

The Limitations of Windows

For most homes, the windows are the primary entry point for ventilation and fresh air. However, due to weather elements or the presence of people on the street, it is not always favourable to have a direct opening into your home. Without window furnishings, a dilemma is thus created here as you would have to choose between having fresh air and sunlight or closing your windows in order to gain privacy and shelter.

Filtering the Blinding Sunlight

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The first functional benefit offered by curtains and blinds is their ability to either block out or reduce the amount of sunlight entering your room. Depending on the material chosen as well as their mechanisms, you would be able to choose how much sunlight would be entering your home.

This would for example give you just enough light to read or use your laptop without feeling the glare of direct sun rays. Alternatively, it could block out all light from your bedroom, allowing you to rest without interruption.

Giving You Privacy

By virtue of blocking incoming sunrays, your window furnishings also offer you a measure of privacy, standing in the way of onlookers and your space. For many of us, privacy is important as it is a critical comfort factor in our homes. You certainly would wish to avoid having people looking into your home at all times.

Reducing Noise Transmission

A less cited benefit of window furnishings is their ability to reduce sound or noise transmissions. This works two ways, from outside to inside, and vice versa.

On one hand, this keeps your conversations private within your home or limits the amount of any unintended noise such as when working out or practicing an instrument reaching your neighbours.

On the other hand, if your neighbours are having an argument or doing a noisy activity, your curtains would help to reduce the amount of noise that reaches you.

Aesthetic Benefits

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Fourthly, both windows and blinds will become a part of your room’s interior design once installed. When done right, they can enhance the perception of your room, giving it an extra bit of flair or propping up other feature pieces in your room. However, when done wrong, the room might appear overly cramped, aged or dull looking.

Choosing Between Curtains & Blinds

Now that we have covered the important benefits granted by window furnishings, we can start to make comparisons between curtains and blinds. Do note that as we have alluded to earlier, the actual effect that curtains and blinds can have on your home is highly dependent on all the little choices or details that you choose. As such, this comparison is done so in very general terms and may not apply to all situations.

Size of the Room

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The size of your room should in part dictate your choice between curtains or blinds. Larger size spaces such as the living room and dining room commonly utilise curtains as there is sufficient space to accommodate them. The drapes of the curtain are allowed have an established presence and create a layered visual effect within these bigger spaces.

Should curtains be placed in smaller spaces, you would run the risk of making the area feel more cramp while also possibly obstructing your movement. As such, blinds are typically favoured in such spaces given that they only cover the window and are typically flat. Without the drapes, they offer a more simplistic appearance that does not visually distract people from the presence of other designs in the space.

Light Control

As a rule of thumb, curtains do offer stronger overall blockage of sunlight. This is due to their typically thicker materials, although it is possible for you to incorporate lightweight day curtains with heavier night curtains. Doing so will allow you to choose between blocking out the sunlight or filtering a set amount of sun rays entering your home.

Blinds on the other hand typically offer you more control over the amount of sunlight. Be it in terms of mechanisms such as when using venetian blinds and rainbow blinds, or simply adjusting the height of the blinds, users would have more flexibility in light control.

Design & Presence

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Curtains have a larger impact on a space than blinds. Being of larger size and with the effect of their drapes, they attract more attention. This makes the choice of colour, patterns and materials more critical for curtains as they are harder to fit into the existing interior design of a space. Yet, when done right, curtains can absolutely be the star or feature piece in a space.

Blinds usually offer a supporting or backseat role in a space. They are viewed as the more functional or utilitarian choice, but do offer many choices in way of design. For example roman and venetian blinds are often used in movies as part of stylish sets.


Unlike the other categories, maintenance is much more clear cut. Curtains require more maintenance by way of dusting, washing or dry cleaning on a regular basis. In comparison, blinds largely only require a dusting or wet wipe down. If you live in an environment that tends to accumulate more dust or are unable to devote time to maintaining your curtains, then blinds do offer a much more attractive option.

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