5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Curtain

5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Curtain


Any curtain designer will tell you curtains can transform the look of a room but, only note that as much as this is true, you need to select the right one to achieve the right look.

Curtains vary with the place they are designed for. When it comes to window treatment, color and fabric should dictate your choice, followed by length and the type of lining attached. Whether you are looking for custom made or off-the-shelf curtains, you still need to check on those things.

If you’ve settled curtains over blinds, bet you are on the right side. Okay, the truth is, both options help to add a different look to your home. Curtains on one hand often come with a wide range of variety, with different finishes that adds richness to your interiors. Blinds on the other help to create a more minimalistic and functional touch.

Let’s say you are looking for the best curtains; there are several tricky decisions to handle. Fortunately, we have compiled 5 things that pros would suggest that you should consider if you are thinking of selecting one from a curtain supplier Singapore for your rooms and home in general. Here they are:

Color and Fabric

First, you need to have facts right with regard to color. There is your favorite color and the color that matches with your furniture or the room in question. It is important to go with the color that blends well with your furniture and wall even if the color isn’t exactly your favorite. The fabric comes in as another essential component. The fabric is essentially the material making the curtain and will dictate the quality of your curtains as well as how they hold up over time.

Lighter curtains will not fall as well and heavier curtains will not fold crisply when drawn. It is important to try it out with a bigger sample as you will not be able to tell if you try out the smaller sample pieces. Also, bear in mind that sunlight fade fabrics over time, thus if your room gets a lot of light, it is better to avoid brighter colors as they tend to fade faster. However, if you are the type that likes to change decors after some days, you do not have to be concerned about fading curtains. Mostly, the best material for your curtains can be linen, velvet, silk, and faux silk. Ideally, touching these fabrics will help you understand their textures.

Length and Lining

How high above the window should your curtains begin? That’s an important aspect to consider before you take a tape measure to decide on the length of your curtains. Hanging panels higher above the window may give you a sense of the height to the room. In that line, expert designers like to hang curtains six inches above the window frame, but for a much dramatic look, you can go higher.

Custom Window Treatment and off-the-shelf design

Every home is unique, and custom window treatment comes with numerous benefits. You can have the dimensions customized to the exact size of your window to create a tailored look, similar to a perfectly fitted suit. On the other hand, you can have a wide range of design options with custom panels, which ranges from materials and header style. It is also worth noting that prices on and off-the-shelf curtain panels will vary considerably with regard to what you want.

Dry Clean Only or Washer Machine Friendly

It is important that you determine how your curtains will be cleaned even before you get them. Is the material washer machine friendly or does it support dry clean only? Check out for that. Keep in mind that trying to wash your curtains if they are supposed to be machine-washed could ruin them.

To get every detail right, get a consultant specialising in curtains and blinds for homes to help you decide on color, fabric, texture, and finishes that will perfectly blend with your home design.